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Company policy in the field
of ecology, labor protection
and safety
Social responsibility

Company policy in the field of ecology, labor protection and safety
Health & Safety

  • NUTEP strives to maintain high standards of care for the health and safety of its employees, create and ensure safe working conditions
  • The company monitors compliance with all norms of the Russian Labor Code and other norms, including regulations from organizations dealing with employee health and safety
  • The company adheres annually to long-term occupational safety and injury prevention plans
  • Any accidents and incidents are thoroughly investigated, analyzed, and based on the analysis results, preventive measures are developed
  • NUTEP is responsible for environmental protection. The terminal has established an internal environmental policy to comply with environmental regulations and to reduce environmental impact to a minimum
  • Spreading the application and use of best practices is one of the main priorities of the Company
Labor protection
and industrial safety

Labor protection policy - the general intentions and activities of NUTEP LLC officially expressed by the management of NUTEP LLC, related to the effectiveness of labor protection.

Proclaiming a policy in the field of labor protection, the top management of NUTEP LLC undertakes to ensure the preservation of the life and health of NUTEP LLC personnel.

NUTEP LLC has developed and approved the “Occupational Safety Standard. Regulation on the policy in the field of labor protection ", which establishes:

  • the main directions of work on labor protection and labor safety in LLC "NUTEP";
  • distribution of responsibilities for ensuring the performance of work in the field of labor protection in LLC "NUTEP" between the employer and the employee;
  • the role and place of persons responsible for labor protection;
  • activities of the joint labor protection commission;
  • the procedure for the investigation of accidents in NUTEP LLC (the "Occupational safety standard. Regulations on the investigation of accidents" was developed);
  • ensuring favorable working conditions and reducing injuries in the direction of:

training and instruction on labor protection of employees of LLC "NUTEP" (developed "Enterprise Standard. Training on labor protection. Regulations on the procedure for conducting and testing knowledge on labor protection")

monitoring and analysis of the state of working conditions in

development of labor safety measures to be included in the labor protection action plan

providing employees with personal protective equipment (the "Standard of the enterprise for providing employees of LLC NUTEP" with personal protective equipment has been developed)

providing employees with flushing and detoxifying substances (developed by the "Enterprise Standard. Provision of workers with flushing and (or) detoxifying substances)

study and dissemination of best practices in labor protection. Promotion of labor protection issues

Basic principles of the industrial safety management system functioning at the enterprise:
  • healthy and safe working conditions of the company's employees are a priority for achieving production and economic results;
  • any injuries, accidents and other incidents at the enterprise can and must be prevented;
  • compliance with the requirements of regulatory enactments in the field of labor protection and industrial safety is a prerequisite for work;
  • safety indicators are open and accessible.
Obligations of NUTEP LLC in the field of industrial safety:
  • compliance with the requirements of Russian and regional legislation governing the provision of labor protection, industrial safety, industrial sanitation and environmental protection;
  • implementation of a set of measures to prevent emergencies and negative impact on the environment, the personnel of the enterprise and the population of the area of ​​the enterprise;
  • training of all employees of the enterprise on knowledge of labor protection and industrial safety rules;
  • the requirement for all employees and contractors of the enterprise to comply with the work in accordance with the current rules of labor protection and industrial safety;
  • development of the scope of the enterprise, adoption and implementation of production decisions taking into account production risks;
  • implementation of a set of measures to prevent injuries and accidents at the enterprise;
  • implementation of continuous improvement of the system of labor protection, industrial safety, industrial sanitation and the environment at the enterprise.
Environmental protection

The environmental policy of NUTEP LLC is aimed primarily at increasing energy efficiency and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Regular monitoring of wastewater and new treatment facilities for surface runoff allow for the treatment of storm wastewater from the entire territory used in the production activities of the holding's enterprises, including newly built berths.

LLC "NUTEP" in its area of ​​responsibility provides monitoring and regular cleaning of the Black Sea from floating debris.

Wastes generated in the production activities of enterprises are classified in accordance with current legislation and are transferred for disposal and disposal only to licensed organizations.

Industrial emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere are monitored on a regular basis. Measures to reduce emissions of pollutants during periods of unfavorable weather conditions for atmospheric pollution have been developed, agreed and are being implemented.

The volumes of pollutant emissions do not go beyond the issued standards and permits, which is confirmed by production control data.