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Investment projects
Construction of deep-water berth No. 38 NUTEP
the only deep-water berth in Novorossiysk capable of accommodating ocean-going container ships up to 10,000 TEUs
0 , 0 m
to 0 thous.
increase terminal bandwidth
0 ,0 m
Modernization of the NUTEP container terminal
acquisition and commissioning of new equipment (STS crane - Liebherr Postpanamaks and Liebherr mobile crane)
installation of specialized equipment for handling refrigerated containers
liberation of the territory by relocating the railway line, doubling the capacity of the container site
Construction of a railway complex
commissioning of our own 6-track railway fleet
до 0 m
effective length of each path
0 , 0 km
total usable length
simultaneous reception of two block trains
Modernization of the warehouse rear platform
Purchase and launch of new technological equipment:
RTG cranes, reachstackers, tractors, trolleys